Gathering Blue

by Lois Lowry

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Where is Kira directed to go the day after her return to the village and why?

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I believe that this question is asking about events that happen in the first two chapters of the book. The book begins with Kira's mother having died, and that is a big problem for Kira. Kira lives in a society that casts out people with disabilities. Kira has a lame leg, and the community believes that she cannot contribute as much as she should because of that disability. Kira's mom had been protecting her daughter from this very real threat. Once Kira's mom is dead, Kira no longer has that protective shield around her. The first chapter of the book sees Kira taking her mother's body out to the field and then returning. Upon her return, Kira discovers that the women in the village have cleared out her "cot." They want Kira gone. When Kira resists, they threaten physical violence against her. Kira warns them that their actions have not been sanctioned by the Council. The women respond by demanding that Kira appears before the Council the next day. The women want to convince the Council to officially expel Kira.

“I will take her to the Council of Guardians then,” Vandara announced to the women. “I am willing to be her accuser. Let them cast her out.” She laughed harshly. “No need for us to waste a life getting rid of her. By sunset tomorrow this ground can be ours and she will be gone. She will be in the Field, waiting for the beasts.”

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