Where is King Hrothgar and what is his response to learning that Beowulf has come to his kingdom in Beowulf?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

King Hrothgar of the Danes is in his mead-hall, built as a monument to his success. There the king and his men are gathered to drink and be entertained by the songs of the bards. When the herald announces that Beowulf requests an audience with the king, Hrothgar feels that Beowulf's arrival is an answer from God.

When he is told that Beowulf requests an audience with him, Hrothgar, who sits "old and hoary, with his company of earls," says,

Holy God of His grace has sent him to us West-Danes, as I hope, against the terror of Grendel. I shall offer the good man treasures for his daring. Now make haste, bid them come in together to see my company of kinsmen. (VII)

He ends by telling Wulfgar to make haste and bid them to enter. So Wulfgar passes on the message to Beowulf and his company to enter, but leave their weapons and war-shields at the entrance. Beowulf enters and greets Hrothgar with respect. As he speaks, he boasts of his intention to slay Grendel, which is a customary exercise of heroic behavior.

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