Where do Jem and Dill go in chapter 6 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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At the beginning of chapter six, Jem asks Atticus if they can sit by Miss Rachel's fishing pond with Dill for his last night in Maycomb. Shortly after meeting up with Dill, the boys tell Scout to go home while they participate in a nighttime raid on the Radley yard, where they plan on peeking inside the windows to get a look at Boo. Scout refuses to go home before reluctantly following the boys as they sneak into the Radley's backyard. After spitting on the hinge of the gate, the children slowly walk through the garden and creep up to one of the windows, where Dill proceeds to climb on top of Jem and Scout's shoulders in an attempt to look into one of the windows. When Jem attempts to look into the back window, Nathan Radley hears his footsteps and runs onto the porch. Nathan Radley then stands on his back porch wielding a shotgun and proceeds to fire it into the sky as the children dash out of the yard. Fortunately, the children survive but Jem is forced to leave his pants behind when he crawls underneath the fence enclosing the backyard.

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In chapter 6 of To Kill a Mockingbird, Dill and Jem decide to boldly enter the Radley yard.  They have been extremely curious about Boo for awhile, but they yearn to learn more.  They plan to peek in the windows in hopes of catching a glimpse of Boo.  Scout is hesitant about their decision, but she reluctantly comes along.  She goes "faster when [she sees] Jem far ahead beckoning in the moonlight."

The three children sneak into the Radley yard.  Once they reach the porch, Scout and Jem hoist Dill up.  He tries to peer through the window, but all he can see is the cloth from the curtains.  They continue to sneak around the house until Scout notices a shadow.  It is Mr. Radley, and the children run off.  They escape through the back fence as Mr. Radley shoots a gun into the air.

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