Where in the novel does Mejal say that the bible states women must obey their husbands, to which Salome responds that they don't know that because they've never seen for themselves since they cannot read?

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Mejal says that women must obey their husbands according to the bible on page 156 of the 2019 edition of Women Talking, published by Bloomsbury. It takes place in the section June 7: Minutes of the Women Talking.

In the novel, the women have to decide whether to forgive the men who have been sexually assaulting them. They're told that doing so will give them all a chance at salvation. Refusing to do so will lead to the women being excommunicated.

Mejal says that women are supposed to obey their husbands, as well as submit to them. She asks how it's possible to leave their husbands and still be a good wife if leaving them is disobeying and refusing to submit.

Salome disagrees and says that their first duty has to be to their children. Protecting their children must come before being a good wife. However, Mejal disagrees with this and says that biblically speaking, that isn't true. Their first duty is truly to obey and submit to their husbands.

Salome says that they can't know that for sure because they can't read. Mejal says that they know what's in the Bible. She thinks Salome is just being difficult; however, Salome points out that their fathers and husbands—all men—are the ones who tell them what's in the Bible. Mejal tries to say that their sons also tell them about the Bible, but Salome says that their sons are also men.

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