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Ichabod Crane lives in a "sequestered glen... known by the name of Sleepy Hollow."  Sleepy Hollow is located just north of Tarrytown in New York.  It is located in the Hudson River Valley, along the banks of the Hudson River.  Some consider the place to be bewitched.  Legend says that the area is haunted by a Headless Horseman.

It is customary for a schoolmaster in the 1700s to "[board] and [lodge] at the houses of the farmers whose children he instruct[s]."  Typically, a schoolmaster spends a short period of time staying at the house of one student before moving on to board with another.  This is often part of the contribution that parents make toward their children's education in this time period.  As an unmarried schoolmaster, Ichabod does not have a real home.  He does always have a place to sleep at night, even though the location of the bed changes based on which family he is staying with that week.  He stays in various parts of the village with the different families.  He spends a lot of time visiting with the locals in his spare time.