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Where are Hunter S. Thompson's papers stored for research by historians?

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While the online site TotallyGonzo reported on July 28, 2008, that actor, and close friend of the late journalist Hunter S. Thompson, had purchased the entirety of Thompson’s papers, that has not been confirmed. What is known is that a four-volume series of books, The Gonzo Papers, was published while Thompson was still alive between 1979 and 1994. Published by Simon and Shuster, each volume contains articles and miscellaneous essays written by Thompson, many published in Rolling Stone and other publications, but also many not previously published. This four-volume collection is available for purchase in both print and electronic formats, including by

In addition to the aforementioned anthology of Hunter Thompson’s writings, Rolling Stone magazine does retain its own archive of his articles written for that publication, and which is accessible online at Finally, on YouTube is footage of Johnny Depp reading letters written to him from Thompson, which provide additional insights into the journalist’s thoughts in the final years of his life.

Thompson was not shy and gave many interviews during his life, most of which can be easily found on the internet, including at The Great Thompson Hunt, at

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