Where humans are concerned, conflict is inevitable.  Discuss this idea in relation to The Rug- Maker of Mazar- E- Sharif.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that more specificity might be needed in the quote, but overall the book supports this idea.  Mazari's narrative is a powerful one that suggests conflict is inevitable when human beings are concerned.  Initially, the fact that he has to escape from the Taliban and the problems in Afghanistan would support the statement.  Being "blown to pieces" by the Russians and then having to endure the Taliban who rise in the power vacuum created by the conflict with the Soviet Union, Afghanistan, and Mazari living in it, are both shown to be the products of conflict.  Human control changes, but the one constant is conflict and the sense of hopelessness that holds over human beings trapped in this conflict.  At the same time, when Mazari flees and enters Australia, there is more conflict and struggle present in that the Australian national policy towards refugees under the Howard administration was not focused and clear.  This leads to greater conflict that Mazari must endure.  In Afghanistan and Australia, conflict and struggle does not seem to be something that he can escape, indicating that where humans are concerned, conflict is inevitable.