Where does Harrison go when he escapes, and why does he choose this place?

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Harrison Bergeron is so incredibly above average in every way that almost everything about his appearance is "hardware" when his parents see him on television. Having escaped from his captivity and his various handicaps, Harrison appears in the television studio. Everybody in the studio is deeply concerned by his appearance, but Harrison has excellent reason to have come.

Declaring himself "Emperor," Harrison proceeds to show the audience exactly what he is capable of doing, revealing himself to be "a man that would have awed Thor," the Norse thunder god. He also takes the opportunity to reveal the beauty of one of the ballerinas on the television, whom he takes to be his Empress. Harrison has invaded the television studio because it offers him a platform from which to make his views known. The television studio is a means of accessing the homes of everyone across the nation in order to make clear the depths of what is being concealed from them.

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