where is Greek today? Greek is the home for great philosophers in the past. They brought new ideas and knowledges to the world. But today, Greek is not as famous as it used to be. There is no new "Plato", "Socrates" and "Aristoteles".

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I disagree.  We may not seem to have had any major philosophical movements lately, but there are plenty of philosophers.  Post-modernism, and environmentalism, come to mind.  I am also think of the many self-styled self-help gurus we have.

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I sincerely hope that the two posts above are not correct; that there are no new ideas to be had. One is reminded that there once was a proposal in Congress over 100 years ago that there was no need for a patent office as all useful inventions had already been invented. Certainly new philosophy contradicts the old, as did those old philosophies contradict those which went before them. One only need remember that the Church and others roundly defended Aristotle's claims of a geocentric universe, to the point of placing Galileo under house arrest. To say that all the great ideas have already been determined is not too far from that approach. The new Plato, the new Aristotle, are out there--possibly today. We simply have not discovered them yet, if they have indeed been born.

I well remember hearing the Astronaut Charles Duke, who walked on the moon, deliver a commencement address in which he relied on Dr. Suess' book, On Beyond Zebra. He remarked then that today's children would see a further horizon than we, due to the mountains that we had climbed. May the day never come that we say there are no new ideas, or that we have learned "enough." To do so is to close the door on our future, and revert to the days of scholasticism where those who dared to think outside the box were imprisoned and tortured for simply thinking.

"No place for the discovery of ideas?" May God forbid the day.


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There is no place left for discovery of ideas to which we, as a global society, recognize as needing to be explained. As pohnpei stated, all the big ideas have been discovered.

The things needing to be discovered now are, basically, all scientific. Cure to cancer, MS, etc. As for new philosophy, there just cannot be. It has all been done before. The only thing left is to contradict the ideas of the great philosophers. Something still not considered new.

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Where in the world is there a new Plato or Socrates or Aristotle?  These people do not exist anywhere anymore.

I think the reason for that is that all the really big ideas have been "discovered" already.  There has not been a truly famous philosopher anywhere in the world since, perhaps, Kant.  Thousands of years of philosophy have meant that most important ideas have already been "discovered."

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