Where to get news related to teachers and teaching?Hi guys,Where to teachers go online to find news about their profession? Sites like Digg.com, Reddit.com, etc. are good for general news, but how...

Where to get news related to teachers and teaching?

Hi guys,

Where to teachers go online to find news about their profession? Sites like Digg.com, Reddit.com, etc. are good for general news, but how about teacher-specific stuff?

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I get a regular newsletter from ASCD.  This is really helpful to me, because it contains headlines on a lot of different subjects related to teaching.  It is also free.  Oftentimes I just skim the headlines, but every once and awhile one will catch my eye.  It's good for staying in touch.

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Some great sites for teacher news would include The National Writing Project Website, NCTE's website, your state's Department of Education website, and the EnglishNing.com (I think). These offer not only news for teachers, but some offer teacher community groups in which you could get involved.

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I recommend Edweek.org. Even though they have a political axe to grind (like most teacher's publications), their news and practice information is pretty spot-on. They also have links to Teacher Magazine and other similar publications, all of whom would love to load your inbox with their updates. After a while, one has to draw the line on just how much ed-related stuff comes into the ol' email account, however. Spam is bad enough, and most of these resources will just add a lot of unnecessary national-scale stories to your email. Once in a while, though, there will be a nugget of useful information in them.

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Ditto on #2 and #3.  I also subscribe to the AP English teachers' listserv through the college board.  This is an amazing resource with brilliant people...I've learned much from them!

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I've found that webenglishteacher.com, whose editor writes a blog on eNotes, is an excellent source for English teachers. Two other good sites are Teacher Magazine (teacher magazine.org) and Education Week (edweek.org) for general information and news about teaching. You can subscribe to all of these free online! 

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I get most of my teacher-related news from the National Council of Teachers of English newsletter: the Inbox at ncte.org. My district also does a monthly newsletter that, even though it focuses on our district, has news about teaching/teachers.

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WOW!!! I am kind of in the same boat.  I have a secondary cert in Secondary English.  I started the year off as an English teacher general education.  Which was fine but my major was Special Ed and I hadn't done gen ed since my student teaching.  It was a rough transition except for the fact that the schools curriculum is AWESOME and totally laid out.  I get the students involved by relating the curriculum to real life.  I try to do as much hands on as possible.  The students just finished "The Crucible."  They liked it b/c we read it together as a play.  I got them to get into their character and if you would have walked in you would have thought it was a drama class.  I about 4/5 weeks into school year got 2 classes of special ed english and have found that the students all like doing about the same things just at different paces.  Hope my babbling helped.

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I am new to teaching Literature this year!  I am teaching a group of SEBD kids in a special school.  It is very hard to get them interested and keep them engaged.  Can anyone give me some suggestions.