Where folic acid is primarily absorbed?

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Folic acid belongs to a group referred to as Hematinics. Hematinics are those substances that help in formation of blood and its components.

Folic Acid is also known as pteroylglutamic acid. It is absorbed in small intestine and is stored in liver.

  • It is necessary in the process of cell replication (duplication).
  • Helps in formation of red blood cells
  • Its intake is considered as most important in pregnancy as its usage prevents birth defects.
  • Necessary for neural tube formation

The main sources of folic acid are milk, fruits, vegetables etc.

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We know that folic acid is a vitamin that belongs to B complex vitamins. We also know that a the deficit of folic acid leads to megaloblastic anemias.

First, the folic acid is absorbed in gastrointestinal tract. To be more specific, folate is rapidly absorbed from duodenum.

The absorption process is less rapid in the lower small intestine region.

It is known that folate is not absorbed in the large intestine.

After folic acid absorption it occurs a hepatical conversion to tetrahydrofolic acid.

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Folic acid is rapidly absorbed mainly from the wall of the proximal small intestine as the 5-methyltetrahydrofolate metabolite.