Where does a flashback take place in the novel The Outsiders?  

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 2, a flashback occurs when Ponyboy recounts the story of when Johnny got beat up by a gang of Socs to Cherry while they are standing in line waiting to get popcorn. Ponyboy says to Cherry that one night he and the some Greasers were walking back from the gas station when Steve picked up Johnny's jean jacket on the road. Steve noticed that the jacket had blood stains on the collar, and the boys began to hear moans coming from across a nearby lot. The gang ran towards the cries and Sodapop was the first to find Johnny laying face down in a pool of blood. When they turned Johnny over, Johnny's face was badly beaten and cut. Ponyboy mentions how he felt sick after seeing Johnny's bruised and bloodied face. Johnny then told the boys how a group of four Socs jumped him and said that one of the Socs was wearing a fistful of rings. Ponyboy then explains to Cherry that ever since Johnny's traumatic beating, he carries a six-inch switchblade with him at all times. Johnny vowed to never let anybody beat him up like that again.