Where can I find information on ways to reduce homelessness?

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Homelessness is often defined as those who have no fixed, adequate and regular nighttime residence or those whose night residence is a shelter. Some studies have shown that most of the homeless in America, up to 80%, are temporarily homeless due to a temporary circumstance. Some others cycle in and out of homelessness frequently and still others, often the chronically ill, mentally ill or elderly, spend the majority of their time in homeless shelters. Various local, state and national programs are in place to assist the homeless but often result in programs that focus on the side effects of homelessness such as getting people temporarily out of public view rather than on helping them to create a new life. Churches and other social agencies work to help people living  under the poverty level without suitable employment to locate ways to find work and homes. Many recognize that poverty today is a result of a lack of affordable housing coupled with a lack of entry level jobs that provide enough income for a family to afford housing. To improve homelessness, programs need to focus on the cause of the problem and not on ways to simply address the side affects such as people living in public spaces such as under bridges and overpasses. Homeless individuals need adequate income from jobs and affordable housing in order to succeed in overcoming homelessness. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers many programs and grants directed toward helping people overcome homelessness.

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