Where to find information on Roman Gardens. I'm doing a research paper in Global and my topic is Roman Gardens.  I tried researching it and the only useful site I found was wikipedia.  What are some sources I could use to find good information on it?

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Roman gardens were influenced by Egyptian and Greek gardens. They were beautiful, ornamental gardens that included fountains, flowers, and trees. They were used for parties, receiving guests, and relaxing. Some models exist to this day. They were beautiful.
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One book on the topic is Patrick Bowe, Gardens of the Roman World (Getty Publications, 2004). Another source, a scholarly article posted to the website historyoftheancientworld.com is "Gardens of Greece from Roman to Homeric Times," originally published in the Journal of Garden History.  A quick search on Google Books yields a number of results, including the Bowe book. A number of them have extended previews that should be useful to you.

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