In 1984, where do Winston and Julia succeed in making love?

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Julia and Winston first make love in a country spot Julia knows of outside the city. It is an idyllic setting, lush with bluebells. Julia meets Winston on a path and leads him to a tiny clearing completely surrounded by trees. She believes they will have privacy here, away from microphones and cameras:

They were in a natural clearing, a tiny grassy knoll surrounded by tall saplings that shut it in completely.

Later, Winston is able to rent the room above Mr. Charrington's shop, and the couple meets there from time to time. They make love and sit together and read and talk and drink coffee like a normal couple from the old days. Again, they believe they have found privacy in a room owned by an old Prole in territory the Thought Police, they think, will leave alone. Winston thinks of their room as like the coral in the Victorian paperweight he has purchased: a safe, old-fashioned space safe from the state.

In both cases, they are able to make love and develop a relationship, but in both locations, unbeknownst to them, they are being spied on and recorded.

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The first time Julia and Winston successfully make love is found in part two, chapter two. Winston and Julia travel outside of the city to the pleasant countryside, where they enjoy the rare opportunity to have privacy. The pastoral landscape reminds Winston of the Golden Country that he has a recurring dream about, and Julia leads him to an overgrowth of bushes, where there is a small clearing in the center. Winston and Julia proceed to have sex in the small clearing, and Winston considers their sexual escapade a political act. In addition to making love in the country landscape, Winston and Julia continue their affair in the small apartment above Mr. Charrington's antique shop. Winston and Julia carry on their affair above Mr. Charrington's shop until the Thought Police eventually arrest them after they visit O'Brien and attempt to join the Brotherhood.

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Julia and Winston succeed in making love in two locations.  The first is in a secluded wooded area where Julia has led other men to have sex.  The second is the room above Mr. Charrington's antique shop.  They are caught in this second location by Mr. Charrington who turns out to be a spy for Big Brother.

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