Where does Winston Smith live?

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Winston lives in Victory Mansions, an apartment for Outer Party members in what used to be London. He also rents a small apartment in the Proles area with Julia for the purpose of their meetings. 

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He lives in an apartment complex called Victory Mansions, which is ironic because they are anything but mansion-like. They are described as being run down and dingy. Winston feels that everything has a layer of dirt on it. He also says that anything that breaks never gets fixed so the conditions are always worsening. It smells bad, too. The apartments are located in a region named Oceania.

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Winston Smith lives in an apartment complex by the name of Victory Mansions. However this is clearly ironic as the apartment does not seem victorious at all. Victory Mansions is run down. The "hallway smelt of boiled cabbage and old rag mats", the lift "even at the best of times was seldom working" and electricity unavailable "during daylight hours". The apartments are named "Victory Mansions" by the party as a form of manipulation to have the people through "doublethink" assume that they have victorious living conditions.

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Winston lives in a place call Victory Mansions which is in a place called  Oceania located Airstrip One in London.  The name insinuates that the place at one time or another used to be beautiful.  It also would have been the kind of place where people would want to live because of the name alone says greatness.  However at this point it is run down with broken windows, no heat and with plumbing that does not work most of the time.

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He lives in the Victory Mansion, which is a shadow of its former glory. It is now run down even though it has a great name.