To the Lighthouse

by Virginia Woolf

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Where does Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse take place?

Expert Answers

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To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf is a novel that was published in 1927. The beginning of the novel takes place before World War I begins. The novel continues moving through time, and World War I takes place as well as ends during the story. The novel's characters live in Britain, but the narrative primarily takes place in Scotland. The story covers the trips that the Ramsay family takes to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. It also takes place at the lighthouse, which they visit on the Isle of Skye and which is the reason for their journey.

An interesting component of this story is the way that Woolf writes about experience. She writes the characters' thoughts with different perceptions and shows the different ways that they reflect on their own experiences with the Isle of Skye and the lighthouse.

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