Where does the train finally arrive at the end of chapter 7 in Night?

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The train in the seventh section of the book is heading to the Buchenwald camp.  It is here where Elie will be liberated, as this will be the last camp to which he and his father are shipped.  There are some very important elements of the story that happen on this train journey. The fact that Elie's father appears dead at one moment is significant because it foreshadows his eventual death at Buchenwald.  I think that another significant moment is the scene where the father steals extra bread, and his son, not recognizing that his father took extra for both of them, helps in pulverizing his father.  The son then takes the bread for himself.  The ultimate sadness is when others on the train beat the son to death.  In the end, both corpses are laid next to one another only to be thrown out to make more room.  This becomes a memory that haunts Eliezer, again foreshadowing a betrayal between loved ones.  The train journey to Buchenwald serves to be the essence of the seventh section of the narrative.

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