Where does the story Lord Jim take place?  

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The novel takes place in the fictional South Seas country of Patusan during the 1800’s.

Setting is an important element to a novel.  The country of Patusan is inhabited by natives called Malays.

Patusan is described as having a “straight and somber” coast facing the ocean.  There is a river than connects it inland.

 Red trails are seen like cataracts of rust streaming under the dark-green foliage of bushes and creepers clothing the low cliffs. Swampy plains open out at the mouth of rivers, with a view of jagged blue peaks beyond the vast forests.  (Ch 24)

The “Malays of the jungle village” call Jim Taun Jim, which means Lord Jim.  Jim ends up there after losing his job as an officer who deserted his ship when he thought it would sink, leaving the passengers to die.  As a result, Marlow gets him a job but he is unable to keep it or any since due to his history.  That is when Marlow convinces him to go to Patusan.