Children of Blood and Bone

by Tomi Adeyemi

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Where does the story Children of Blood and Bone take place and what mood does the setting create?

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Children of Blood and Bone takes place in the kingdom of Orisha, where the King has issued orders to kill all Maji (those with magic) and enslave their children (called diviners). Meanwhile, the nobles are trying to find any child with magic in order to kill them, and an oppressive government is preventing the poor from rising up against the rich.

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Understanding the setting in Nigerian author Tomi Adeyemi’s young adult novel Children of Blood and Bone helps the reader understand the power struggles that run throughout the book.

Children of Blood and Bone is set in the mystical and fictional kingdom of Orïsha. The creation of this fictional land is...

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influenced by the region and economic area of West Africa. Many people in Orïsha live in crippling poverty, while the rich continue to make money off of the struggling class's taxes and labor. Orïsha use to be a land where everyone (those with magic, called "the maji," and those without it) lived together in harmony. However, this peace is broken once the king orders raids on all of the maji and enslaves their children (called diviners). Now the ruling class of nobles, referred to as the kosidá, seek to oppress the maji,and the King wishes to prevent those with magic from regaining their magic and therefore any power.

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