Where does the sniper get shot?

In "The Sniper," the Republican sniper is shot in his right forearm after he fires at a driver of an enemy car and a woman informant on the street below. He is on a rooftop in the middle of Dublin, Ireland, when he is wounded.

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In terms of the location on his body, the sniper is shot in his right forearm. At first, he feels no pain but only a "deadened sensation," as if his arm were no longer there at all. He rips open his sleeve and sees the small hole where the bullet went into his flesh but can find no hole where the bullet came out the other side of his arm. He knows, then, that it is lodged in the bone, and he quickly pours a disinfectant on his wound and dresses it with a clean bandage. By now, it hurts a great deal.

In terms of the location in which he is shot, the sniper is wounded while he stands on a rooftop in Dublin, Ireland. The narrator describes the River Liffey and names a number of other places that can be found in Dublin. In addition, the information provided, that the protagonist is a Republican sniper and that he is positioned in the middle of Dublin to kill anyone on the opposing side, helps readers to understand the historical context of the story as one that takes place during the Irish Civil War. Thus, he is shot by a Free Stater sniper on the rooftop opposite his own in the middle of Dublin.

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