Where does the lady in black appear in The Woman in Black?

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The Woman in Black is an Edwardian ghost novella written by Susan Hill in 1983. The story begins one Christmas Eve when retired solicitor Arthur Kipps is asked by his step-children to tell them a ghost story. Too distressed to speak of his experience at Eel Marsh House, Arthur decides to write it down.

Many years ago, as a young solicitor, Arthur was sent to the remote Eel Marsh House, located in the north-east coastal town of Crythin Gifford, to settle the affairs of elderly widow Alice Drablow. Arthur first sees the woman in black at Mrs. Drablow’s funeral, though nobody else does. Then, on arrival at Eel Marsh, to go through Alice Drablow’s papers, Arthur sees her once again and is haunted by the sounds of a pony and trap. He is told by the local landowner, Sam Daily, that the sighting of the woman in black foreshadows the death of a child.

Years later, in London, Kipps sees her once more when she walks in front of a horse and carriage that carries his wife and child. The horse rears, killing his child and seriously injuring his wife, Stella, who dies a few months later.

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