Why does Skeeter lie to her mother she's when she sneaks out to work on the novel?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Skeeter lies to her mother because she knows fully that her mother would disapprove of the book.  She already knows that her mother does not necessarily embrace her life and choices as a writer because she is not following the traditional path for women in the South in terms of getting married to a successful man and having children.  Skeeter also does not feel that she is getting the full truth about Constatine and her dismissal.  Skeeter feels that there is a gap between her mother on these fronts and for this reason she has to lie to her mother about going out to write her book.  At the same time, Skeeter is not naive enough to fail to grasp the massive implications of the work, in general.  Skeeter understands that there must be some deception in the composition of the work.  Names will have to be changed, identities protected, and in this vein, lying to her mother is simply part of this process.  Skeeter grasps that a greater moral good is obtained, even if the short term breakage of trust is a part of that process.  Certainly, Skeeter ends up being right in terms of the amount of voices and public awareness that her work is going to cause.