In Lord of the Flies, where does Simon prefer to go?

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mrerick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"He came at last to a place where more sunshine fell.  Since they had not so far to go for light the creepers had woven a great mat that hung at the side of an open space in the jungle; for here a patch of rock came close to the surface and would not allow more than little plants and ferns to grow.  The whole space was walled with dark aromatic bushes, and was a bowl of heat and light."

This is a place that is very well hidden from view.  Simon can crawl into this little spot in the creepers and be by himself, something he seems to prefer.  His little hiding place in the jungle will prove to be a very important setting throughout the remainder of the novel.

shyanne | Student

i think that simon liked to go there cuz he thought that it was the safest place from all of the politics. when he felt overwhelmed and he wanted a place to chill and figure out what was in his head and not in everyone else's he went to a place where no one could find him and influence him in any way.

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