Where does it say that Rhonda has love interest for Tyrone in the book Tears of a Tiger?

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The four boys in the car accident were Andy, Robert, BJ, and Tyrone. We first hear of the attraction between Tyrone and Rhonda before the car accident.  Tyrone left the locker room early to see if Rhonda was leaving with another guy.  Gerald tells Rob,

"He ain't called her yet,but he's got that puppy-dog look --- kinda like the look on Andy's face when Keisha walks into study hall." (pg 6)

Then the accident happens and the boys are thrown into turmoil.  We don't hear about the relationship again until Rhonda writes her friend, Saundra, who moved to California.  She says in her letter,

"Anyway.  I told you that I've been kinda liking Tyrone ever since school started, but he never paid me much attention.  Well, he called me the day after the accident and we talked for three hours....I still can't get over it --- he is so fine!" (pg 31)

She ends the letter with a postscript.

"P.S. Girl, that Tyrone can really kiss!!!!! Make me want to stand up and shout Hallelujah!" (pg 32)

Rhonda and Keisha are friends.  When the accident happened, Rhonda called Keisha to let her know.  No mention of how she feels about Tyrone is mentioned, however, until she writes that letter.

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