Where did President Hoover think money to help the poor should come from?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

President Hoover felt that money that would be used to help poor people ought to come from private sources.  That is, it should not come from the government but rather from charities run by private organizations and funded by donations from private individuals.

President Hoover believed in the idea of “rugged individualism.”  That is, he felt that people should be responsible for their own well-being.  He felt that people should never depend on the government to support them.  It was for this reason that he believed that the government should not provide relief to poor people during the Great Depression.

Instead, Hoover believed, it was better for the country if relief for the poor came from private sources.  It would also be better for the poor people themselves as it would stop them from becoming dependent on the government.  For these reasons, he wanted money to help the poor to come from private citizens and not from the government.