Great Expectations Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Where does pip meet Estella in Great Expectations?

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To answer this question, take a look at chapter 8, where Pip and Estella meet for the first time. The location of this meeting is Satis House, the home of Miss Havisham, which she shares with Estella. Miss Havisham wants Pip and Estella to become playmates.

Satis House is an important location in the novel. The word "Satis" alludes to the word "satisfied," meaning that someone has had enough of something. Ironically, however, Miss Havisham has experienced the very opposite of this. Jilted on her wedding day, Miss Havisham was never able to lead the life she expected. Her crumbling home, with its stopped clocks and dusty wedding feast, reflects her grief and disappointment.

The house is also significant because Pip spends so many years there as Estella’s playmate. It is the place where he falls in love with her, but where Estella has been trained to break his heart.

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