Where does Nick ask Caitlin to not go in Breathing Underwater?

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Nick's just taken another beating from his father. When he wakes up the next morning and takes a look at himself in the mirror, he realizes that he can't very well go to school, not with all those facial injuries. After his dad heads off to work, Nick texts Caitlyn, clearly feeling that he needs her moral support at such a difficult time. But for some reason she doesn't get back to him, so Nick starts feeling insecure, wondering why she didn't respond immediately. As it turns out, Caitlyn is in class and so can't get back to him, but Nick's completely unsympathetic; he's feeling sorry for himself and thinks that Caitlyn no longer cares about him.

In their uncomfortable phone conversation, Nick tells Caitlyn that he hasn't turned up for school because he's feeling sick. Far from trying to reassure Caitlyn that he's ok, he simply wants to make her feel as miserable as he is. Caitlyn says that she'll come over later on to check on him, but Nick doesn't want her to; he doesn't want her to see the facial injuries inflicted on him by his violent dad. He also doesn't want Caitlyn to go to the game that night without him, but when she says that everyone will be expecting her, Nick becomes passive aggressive before screaming abuse at her. Once again, we can see how Nick's violent relationship with his dad is having a negative impact on his relationship with Caitlyn.

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