Where does Lunch Money take place?

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In Andrew Clements’ 2005 young adult fiction book, Lunch Money, the protagonist is Greg Kenton, a sixth grader who loves money to the extent that his enterprising spirit leads him to take on handyman work and household chores for people. This leads him to amass over $800 by fifth grade.

The setting of all of this activity is Ashworth Intermediate School. The reader is not told much about the environment outside of the school. Greg attends a school which, by his calculations, has about 450 fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students. He uses this figure as a calculation to plan his trinket-selling scheme.

Later in the novel, Kenton channels his innate interest in comic books to sell and distribute his own comic, Chunky Comics. This promising plan is thwarted by classmate-turned-enemy, Maura Shaw. Maura turns out to have a comic series of her own to promote and sell. This mercenary contest of wills evokes the ire of the principle, who eventually bans comic books. Eventually, the two strike a deal with the city council whereby a school store would be established and that part of the proceeds would go to the school. With the blessing of the council, the two end up earning over a thousand dollars for the school.

With respect to the outside setting, geographic veracity does not seem to be Clements’ goal; however, the school itself is vividly described as are the teachers and characters therein.

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