Where in the book does Jonas learn he can find his parents' parents names in The Giver?

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In chapter 16, the Giver shares a heart-warming memory of a family gathering together to celebrate Christmas. In the memory, Jonas experiences what it is like to feel loved by family members and witnesses grandparents sharing happy moments with their children and grandchildren. When Jonas inquires about the elderly couple in the memory, the Giver explains to him that they were grandparents. In Jonas's society that is established on Sameness, grandparents have no function because family units are created by the government. Jonas then asks the Giver where he can discover the identity of his grandparents. The Giver responds by telling Jonas that he can look in the Hall of Records. In Jonas's society, parents are only required to raise their children and lose contact with them once they are fully grown and independent. However, Jonas longs for the feeling of being surrounded by loving family members of various ages at Christmas time.

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I thought you were asking where the names were found, but maybe you are asking where in the book this is mentioned?  I have changed the question for you.  The Hall of Open Records is first mentioned is in chapter 2, on page 17.  The names are in the Hall of Open Records and anyone can look at them.  Jonas considers that he can look up the name of his parents’ parents in chapter 16, on page 124, in this conversation with The Giver.

Jonas frowned.  “But my parents must have had parents!  I never thought about it before.  Who are my parents-of-the-parents?  Who will be their grandparents?”

“You could go look in the Hall of Open Records.  You’d find the names.  But think, son.  If you apply for children, who will be their parents-of-the-parents?  Who will be their grandparents?”

“My mother and father of course.”

 Jonas learns that the concept of grandparents has no meaning in his society, because families only stay intact long enough to raise the children.

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