Where does Jim Hawkins stay when the doctor and squire are traveling to prepare for the voyage in Treasure Island?

Jim Hawkins stays at the squire's hall under the care of the gamekeeper Redruth while the doctor and squire prepare for the voyage.

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In Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, Jim Hawkins and his mother find some highly important papers in the sea chest of an old captain who has been staying at their inn. Jim and his mother only barely manage to flee before a rough band of seamen shows up looking for the papers, and Jim takes the oilskin packet to Dr. Livesey in the company of Mr. Dance. They discover that Dr. Livesey has gone up to the hall to dine with Squire Trelawney.

After Mr. Dance has been properly thanked, commended, and dismissed, the doctor, the squire, and Jim open the packet and discover the treasure map. Clearly, they have found something valuable that must be kept secret, and the doctor realizes that they are in some danger because of this discovery. They must keep quiet. The squire decides that he will go at once to prepare for a voyage to find the treasure. The doctor declares that he will keep Jim with him.

However, the doctor must go find another physician to take charge of his practice while he is away, and therefore, Jim stays at the squire's hall under the care and supervision of Redruth the gamekeeper. Jim feels rather like a prisoner as he waits for the doctor and the squire to return, but his mind is filled with "sea-dreams and the most charming anticipations of strange islands and adventures," and this helps him get through this wait.

One day, a letter comes from the squire calling them to come to Bristol, for they are almost ready to set sail. Jim gets to spend one night with his mother at the inn, and then he and Redruth head off on an adventure that will bring both excitement and danger.

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