Where does it say that they need boots?

Esther talks about the need for boots to help survive the Siberian winter in chapter 7, page 94. She and her family start discussing the need for boots in October, months before the worst of the conditions arrive.

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The Soviets take Esther and her family from their house in a town called Vilna in Poland to a forced labour camp in Siberia. Though it is only October when they arrive, it is already snowing and getting cold.

In chapter 7, page 94, Esther says her family usually love the snow, but without any boots, they're dreading the forthcoming winter. Additionally, as cold as the weather is, she says that the winter has only just started. They still have a few months to go until the coldest time of the year.

Esther says that Nina is the only person she knows that owns boots. None of Esther's family have anything like the kind of footwear needed to survive such brutal weather. She says her parents think about trying to trade some items for boots for Esther, but somehow her Oxfords, though starting to crack from the wet, hold out.

The spring doesn't bring any relief. The rain makes conditions very muddy and the need for boots remains just as desperate. Without them, it is difficult to walk around without either slipping or getting your feet stuck.

As time goes on, however, life gets easier. By chapter 22, Esther proudly wears her "shiny boots" on the journey back home.

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