Where does Gatsby take Daisy and Nick during the afternoon of their first meeting?Chapters 5 & 6

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The day that Gatsby and Daisy meet again, at Nick's house, after their five years' separation, Gatsby takes them both to his house.  This takes place in chapter 5.  Gatsby wants to show Daisy his house; he wants her to see for herself that he is wealthy now.  In his mind, his wealth means that he is now worthy of her.  When they parted five years ago, he had to go to war.  She stayed home, eventually got bored waiting for Jay, started seeing people and met Tom.  Tom, in her words, swept her off her feet and they soon married.  Jay saw his lack of wealth as what kept him and Daisy apart, when the truth is that his lack of wealth is part of it, but mostly it was his social class and all that went with it, that kept them apart.  Daisy and Tom are exactly alike: both wealthy, both spoiled, both irresponsible, both self-centered. Jay does not see that; he only sees his income as what matters.  He feels that if he shows Daisy his opulent home, his expensive furnishings, and even his elegant shirts that he gets from Europe, she will see that Gatsby is worthy of her and leave Tom for him.  Part of the reason Daisy cries when she sees the shirts is that some fraction of her realizes the depth and fruitlessness of Jay's love for her.

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