Where does the family take shelter on their first night on the island?

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mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Swiss Family Robinson, the family suddenly finds themselves in peril. They are in a ship when a storm comes. The family discover that the captain and his mates have taken the rafts and left the family on board. The family works together to build their own raft and head off in search of land. They come to an island and find their way to a bay that the ducks and geese had already made their way to. The family decides to build a tent in this spot for the first night.

The family knows that they can't stay in this spot for long, but for the first night it works fine. Fritz, the oldest son, wants to spend the night at a place he had found, but his father says that this spot will be fine.

The Swiss Family Robinson is a great story about survival. The family has to work together to make sure everyone stays alive. It is a great adventure. 

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