In Crispin: The Cross of Lead, where does Cerdic want to go in Chapter 10?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 10, Crispin is confronted by Cerdic who, ostensibly, is helping him as a friend in order to give him the best advice so he can get away from the steward who is so strangely after his life. This is why at the beginning of Chapter 10 Cerdic counsels Crispin to not go South but to go the way that nobody would expect:

If the steward says he's looking north, go the way they least expect. West. That's what Father Quinel said to do.

Even though Crispin recognises that this would take him towards the manor house, he follows this advice because he trusts Cerdic and what he says make sense. The problem with this is that he completely forgets that a large amount of money has been offered to anybody who is able to apprehend him, and this, as it transpires, is what is behind Cerdic's offer of counsel. When Crispin goes towards the manor house, he finds out that he has been directed towards a trap, as the steward is waiting for him. Cerdic's advice to Crispin is therefore based on his attempt to betray Crispin in order to earn the reward that the steward, Aycliffe, is offering for his successful capture.

me4ever01 | Student

he got cripin to go the wrong way because he followed what aycliffe had told him. cerdic didnt want to go anywhere but to get crispin to aycliffe's hands. cerdic betrayed cripin. but eventually cripin got away.

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