where does Apple Juice Originated?

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Apple juice was originally made as apple cider. It appears in many countries and cultures. Although, cider generally refers to an alcoholic drink (as "hard" cider) in coutries outside of the US and Canada. Apple cider is made in a very simple process from pressed apples. It is traditionally a seasonal drink that appears in the fall when apples are ripe. It can be heated and seasoned or chilled and served cold. Eventually, apple cider production became commercialized. Manufacturers found ways to pasturize and strain the murky apple cider. The result of these extra steps is the clear apple juice we know today. It is unlikely that true apple juice would be made outside of a factory setting. Many farms and apple orchards produce homemade apple cider. The equipment needed to pasturize and filter the cider into apple juice is usually too expensive to find outside of a mass production setting.