Where do you think the first steel mills in the United States were built? Why were they built there?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first steel mills in the United States were built in the Northeast. There were reasons why they were built there. The Northeast was not well suited for farming. The climate is cold, and the soil is rocky. It is very hard to farm there. As a result, the Northeast was a region with lots of industry, trade, and fishing.

What made the Northeast attractive for the formation of the steel industry was its proximity to rivers and resources. There are several major rivers in the Northeast. Rivers, at one time, provided the power for industry. Rivers also were a source for transporting products. Additionally, the Northeast was close to the supply of coal that was eventually used to power the factories. There is a reason why Pittsburgh is called “The Steel City.” Many steel factories located there since three major rivers meet at this city, and it is close to the supply of coal. It is no accident that the steel factories originally started in the Northeast.

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