What effects will technology in the workplace have in coming years?

Expert Answers

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There are three trends that are likely to occur because of technology in the workplace.

First, technology is likely to continue to reduce the number of human workers needed in various industries.  Technology continues to be invented that can replace human beings, particularly those who do various tasks over and over.  As technology improves more workers are likely to be displaced by that technology.  This will lead, in the short term at the very least, to increased structural unemployment in many countries.

Second, technology is likely to make more and better-paying jobs for people who have more skills and education.  As technology increases, there will be more jobs for people who will be designing the technology and writing software for it.  It is also likely that the average worker will become more productive because of the technology.  When workers are more productive, their pay will rise because they are worth more to their companies.

Finally, technology may change the way that workers relate to one another.  It is possible that there will be much more telecommuting in the future.  This will create a situation in which people no longer work in the same physical place.  This is likely to reduce the sense of teamwork and esprit de corps that is felt in any given firm.  

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