Amos Fortune, Free Man

by Elizabeth Yates

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Where do Violet and Celyndia sell the things they make in Amos Fortune, Free Man?

In Amos Fortune, Free Man, Violet and Celyndia sell the things they make at home. When people turn up at Amos's house to drop off hides, they often purchase some of Violet and her daughter's fine linens.

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Over time, the fine linens made by Violet and Celyndia at their loom have become as much in demand as Amos's leathers. It's often the case that when a man comes by to drop off a hide, he leaves with one or two pieces of fine linen to take home with him to his wife. The sale of linen is a useful source of additional income, especially now that Amos is getting on a bit and therefore not quite as active as he used to be.

Even so, it's notable that Violet and Celyndia can only sell their goods from home. This is an indication that they, like Amos, are not fully accepted by white society. Though Amos may have earned the respect of the townsfolk through his hard work, he's still not respected enough to allowed to sit with white people at church every Sunday. Instead, he and his family are forced to sit in the cold north gallery reserved for Black people.

As for Violet and Celyndia, the home is the only place where they count on being treated with dignity and respect. Outside the confines of the home, the place where they make and sell their fine linens, it's a different story. There, they are not fully accepted by white society, even though they are no longer slaves. Celyndia is even occasionally subject to taunts and abuse, an indication that, for all their hard work and respectability, Amos and his family must still contend with prejudice and bigotry.

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