Where do Jim and Della stand financially in "The Gift of the Magi"? Support your answer with references from the story.

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If you want to know what the financial situation of Jim and Della is, all you have to do is to look at the first paragraph of the story.  They are poor.  They are so poor that Della has only $1.87 to spend for a Christmas present for Jim.

We know that they do not have much money from what Jim does so as to get Della a present.  He has to go and pawn his watch that he loves so much just to get her some combs. So it's clear that it's not that Della has $1.87 and Jim has a whole bunch of money that he's keeping for himself.

We also know that Jim used to make $30 a week and now he is only making $20.  We do not know what things cost, except that the apartment costs $8 per week.

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