In "To Kill a Mockingbird" where do Jem and Scout go with Calpurnia?

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Atticus is out of town, and Sunday approaches, so Calpurnia decides to take them to her church, because the last time they went to church without Atticus they had gotten into a lot of mischief.  Her solution is to keep them close.  She cleaned them up all nice and took them with.  Here they encounter the surly and confrontational Zula, who accosts them with "you ain't got no business bringin' chite chillunhere-they their church, we got our'n", and Zeebo who steps in to defend them and leads the hymns by singing them first, line by line.  They hear about the collections being taken up to support Tom's wife, and overall, it is a nice little trip.  All of this is in chapter 12; I provided a link with a summary below.

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They go to church with her.

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