Where do fireworks originate from, and how were they used?

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Like many great inventions, the discovery of gunpowder was an accident. Around 2,000 years ago in Han China, the Chinese would throw hollow bamboo tubes onto a fire to produce a loud popping noise. Around a thousand years later, Chinese alchemists mixed together saltpeter, charcoal, sulfur and other ingredients which when heated, produced a loud bang. By packing the gunpowder into bamboo sticks, the first firecrackers were fashioned. The Chinese used firecrackers for religious rituals as it was believed that the loud bang would scare off evil spirits. Firecrackers were also used in festivities like weddings, festivities and many other celebrations. It did not take very long for the Chinese to develop gunpowder for military uses.

The Europeans were introduced to gunpowder when Marco Polo visited China. The material was brought back to England by the Crusaders.

user2595947 | Student

Fireworks originate from China. They believed that the sparks would banish evil spirits. They used them for other things like expressing happiness. In 206 BC the Han dynasty used to burn bamboo and it would make a large sound that was used to frighten ghosts. 

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