Journey to Topaz Questions and Answers
by Yoshiko Uchida

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Where do buses take Yuki and all the other Japanese people in Berkeley?

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When the Sakane family learns that all Japanese must be evacuated from the entire West Coast, they must sell or give away most of their belongings. They keep only a "camp bundle." On the evacuation day, they drive to the nearby Congregationalist church, which has been designated a Civil Control Station. From there, they board buses that will take them away from Berkeley.

The buses, which seem "like giant vacuum cleaners" sucking up all the Japanese from the city, leave the church and drive down the streets of Yuki's well-known community. Yuki's bus, like all the others at the church, leaves Berkely via the Bayshore Highway. Soon the Sakane family arrives at the fenced-in grounds of Tanforan Racetrack, which was located on the San Francisco Peninsula. This area had been quickly fashioned into a temporary "Assembly Center," an internment camp where eight thousand Japanese who lived in the San Francisco Bay area were held until they could be relocated to facilities farther inland.

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