Where do Buddy and his friend go to find their Christmas tree? What is the mood in that setting?

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In "A Christmas Memory," by Truman Capote, Buddy and his friend, go out of town, into the woods to find the best Christmas tree they can find.  His "friend" is really an older, distant cousin.  We know from the story that they must cross two creeks and walk for miles before they come to the area in the woods where they find the tree they want to cut down.  Buddy describes brambles, thorns, colorful birds, cold water and the evergreen smell in the air.  "The story also illustrates the power of specific objects to evoke a particular memory."  The details of the hunt for the Christmas tree are light-hearted, but somewhat melancholy too.  After they find the tree they want Buddy describes  walking back on the "red-clay road back to town."  People ask them where they found the tree and Buddy's friend tells them; "younderways."

"In the morning, they find the perfect Christmas tree, twice as tall as Buddy. They drag it home themselves along with other holiday greenery. They make decorations from colored paper and tinfoil to supplement the few store-bought ornaments they own and sprinkle the tree with shredded cotton."

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