The War of the Worlds Questions and Answers
by H. G. Wells

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Where did the title of The War of the Worlds come from?

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Historical reports argue that the idea behind War of the Worlds was inspired by a novel that was previously released in 1871 by George Chesney called The Battle of Dorking. An "invasion novel" of near apocalyptic proportions, Dorking relates the story of how an invasion force from Germany landed in a town in England, and ended up in one last deadly battle in Dorking, Surrey. The result of the two forces battling it out was reckless havoc, the end of the British Empire, and the end of the English rule. Considering the growing economic and industrial power that England represented at the time, any literature having to do with exterminating the British power must have been impacting enough. But Dorking was powerful; so powerful that it actually made the British Army mobilize, even with no direct threat, to always be...

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