Where did Timothy hide Stew Cat while he was killing the evil jumbi in "The Cay"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While Timothy is performing the necessary rituals to "chase d'jumbi", he keeps Stew Cat "off d'shore...on d'raff".  He hasn't exactly hidden the cat, but because Phillip is blind, he is unable to see the raft off the shore, and so does not know where the cat is.  Phillip does find the stick Timothy has pounded into the ground for the purpose of securing the raft, and has discovered that there is no longer a rope tied to it; he knows that the raft, at least, is gone. Timothy is afraid that the bad luck he and Phillip are facing on the island is being caused by evil spirits, or "jumbi".  He begins to think that maybe Stew Cat is actually the jumbi, but knows that Phillip is attached to the feline and will not tolerate its destruction.  Using a charitable substitution, Timothy painstakingly carves a likeness of Stew Cat out of wood, and sticks nails in it "to kill off the evil jumbi".  He apparently believes that in order for his remedy to work, it is necessary to get the real Stew Cat off the island while he performs this ritual, and thus puts the cat on the raft and anchors the raft offshore until he can complete the tasks necessary to rid the island of the spirits causing their bad luck (Chapter 11).