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The emperor Shi Huangdi, whose family name is Ying and first name is Zheng, is one of the most famous kings in Chinese history. He is also the emperor who created the first feudalism country made up of several peoples.   The time when Shi Huangdi was born was the end of the period of the Warring States in Chinese history.  His father was named Zichu---the grandson of the emperor Chin Shaodi and also the son of the prince Chin'an'guo.  Zichu was sent to the country Zhao as a hostage.  At that time, a businessman called Lubuwei saw the special situation of Zichu, so he helped him make it back to his native country.  Lubuwei also provided Zichu with a beauty called Zhaoji to be his wife.  They had a son, Yingzheng-the emperor Shi Huangdi.  He established himself to be the emperor of the first feudal country. After uniting China he called himself "Shi Huangdi". To increase his power, he made a lot of policies, including consolidating characters, coin and metrology, putting the rule of province and country into use, dividing the whole country into 36 provinces.  It was Shi Huangdi who was in charge of the power of the army and politics. From that point, the innovations had a great effect of the feudalism system of China.  He was also responsible for the Great Wall of China.

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