Where did Sam hide in My Brother Sam is Dead?

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Sam hides in a number of places in the young adult novel My Brother Sam Is Dead. James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier tell the story of the fictional Meeker family of Redding, CT. Sam is the elder son who upon returning from his schooling at Yale chooses to join the Revolutionary troops as they fight for independence. This is troubling to Mr. Meeker who is a staunch Loyalist. Sam is forced to hide when his father disapproves and his intentions become the subject of the preacher’s sermon. He hides in a hut owned by Tom Warrups, a local Native American. Tim visits him in the hut where he is discussing the war with his girlfriend, whose father is heavily involved in the fight. Later in the book, when Benedict Arnold’s troops visit the town, Sam hides in the family barn. Both Tim and his mother sneak out to bring him food and ask him not to re-enlist.

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