Where did political support shift to in the 1828 election?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After the election of 1828, political power began to shift in our country.  With the election of Andrew Jackson, it showed that the west (and to some degree the South) was gaining more political power.  Andrew Jackson was born in the South.  His political future, however, began in Tennessee.  In those days, Tennessee was considered a western state. Thus, his election over John Quincy Adams showed a shifting of political power.  John Quincy Adams was from New England, specifically Massachusetts. In the election of 1828, a westerner defeated a candidate from New England.

Another shift this election revealed was the growing political power of the common man.  This was the main theme for Andrew Jackson.  He wanted to represent the average American.  Previous presidents had been wealthy and often represented the interests of business and the wealthy.  Jackson’s election showed a candidate supported by the common people and representing their interests could become President.