Great Expectations Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Where did Pip meet the convict in Great Expectations? What he was doing when he met him there?

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In the opening chapter of the story, the reader is introduced to Pip, who describes his earliest clear memory at the churchyard when he was visiting his parents' graves. While Pip is in the graveyard, an intimidating, frightful man wearing iron shackles calls to him. Pip discovers that the man is an escaped convict, and the man proceeds to threaten him.

Pip is astonished and terrified of the convict and immediately answers his questions before giving him the scraps of bread in his pocket. After Pip informs the convict that he lives with his sister and a blacksmith, the convict instructs Pip to bring him some "wittles" and a file. The convict also informs Pip that he is hiding with another wicked convict, who will come after his heart and liver if he tells anyone about their meeting.

Pip's interaction with the convict is unsettling and fills him with fear. That night, Pip ends up saving his piece of bread and stashing it in his pant leg. The next morning, Pip sneaks down into the pantry, where he steals some brandy and an entire pork pie, which his sister made for their upcoming Christmas meal. Pip also steals a file from Joe's shop and heads back to the churchyard. Unfortunately, Pip runs into the second convict before meeting the first convict, who is ravenously hungry and thankful for Pip's help.

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